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“Living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time.” –Reinhold Niebuhr, The Serenity Prayer 2. DON’T CONFUSE LIVING How Much Does Alcohol Addiction Treatment Cost With Aetna Ppo? ONE DAY AT A TIME WITH COMPLETELY IGNORING THE PAST AND FUTURE Many people are Check Out Your URL puzzled by the idea of living in the present. They wonder, “Don’t I have to look at the past to make amends for misdeeds?” “Don’t I have to think about the future to set goals and open a retirement account?” Of course you do. The point is to not become obsessed with things you can’t control. Learn from the past, but don’t waste time wishing you could change it. Prepare for the future, but don’t fret because aetna dentists atlanta you can’t be certain how it will go. This moment is all you have to work with right now, so concentrate on what you can do right now. 3. PRACTICE QUICKLY COUNTERING “WORRY THOUGHTS” Unhealthy thoughts find their way into everyone’s head, but it’s when we invite them to stay that we get in trouble. When the thought “I always have the worst luck” pops into your mind, don’t agree with it by searching your memory archives for other bad happenings—instead, remember things you’re grateful for. Several times a day, stop and let yourself be fully in the moment. Notice your feelings (physical and emotional), your surroundings and all the sensory impressions they’re sending you. 5. PRACTICE A LITTLE HEALTHY SELF-INDULGENCE EVERY DAY As noted in Point 1, it’s nothing but trouble to constantly chase instant gratification—but healthy little indulgences are another matter. Soaking in a hot bath, relaxing with your favorite music or slowly savoring a ripe cherry helps you appreciate life, renew your strength and otherwise become better prepared to cope. “Let us therefore do our best to live but one day at a time.” –Richmond Walker, Twenty-Four Hours a Day Likewise, have a few productive hobbies or athletic activities to participate in simply because you enjoy them. You’re never more in the moment than when you get into the flow of creating, playing or concentrating. If you have an addiction disorder, it’s probably predated by tendencies to see yourself as “odd” or “not good enough.” The truth is, everyone is made to fill a unique and vital role in the world. Affirm yourself daily as being among those “everyones,” and start developing the talents and vocation your deepest gut tells you you’re here for. Not that you should blindly trust strangers—let alone people already proven unreliable—but don’t constantly watch for anyone and everyone to disappoint you. That’s a good way to kill friendships prematurely: besides, thoughts of “they’ll probably let me down eventually” are hardly one-day-at-a-time-oriented. Of course, it’s wise to devote your time to people who also expect the best of you. And all the better if they make “expecting the best” a general life principle, whether in assessing the aetna coverage birth control state of the world, believing in long-term goals or just taking it for granted that the store (or another one nearby) will have what they need. Optimistic people are fun to be with, and good at helping you enjoy the moment. One caveat.

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do heroines wear bra